Casio Privia PX3 Digital Stage Piano – Not Your Ordinary Digital Piano

Casio just released the latest addition to their sexy Privia models of digital pianos. A professional stage piano that has all the sounds and functions essential for playing in a live band, the new Casio Privia PX3 88-Key Digital Stage Piano is one unique piece compared to other standard digital piano models.

Unlike other digital pianos available today, this piano provides extraordinary sound quality and features perfect for all musicians on tour, on regular nightclub gigs, or in the recording studio. Privia PX3 was designed in such a way that the keybed’s 88 note hammer action is blended with realistic grand piano samples. This combination recreates the authenticity and realism that every pianist misses in digital pianos.

Not only does the Privia PX3 provides great sound quality, it also gives you playing flexibility because with the PX3, you can assign two notes to each of the low and the high registers of the keyboard – a feature that is unavailable to other keyboards and even in MIDI players. The Privia PX3 also has a high performance Digital Signal Processor (DSP), where 64 effects including phaser, flanger, wah, tremolo, rotary stimulation, and distortion can be applied to two different tones simultaneously. Aside from that, this digital piano also comes with two assignable buttons that lets you allocate effects like selecting modulation, the speed of the rotary effect, and even to change the portamento. That means that with the Privia PX3, you are practically free to program any kind of performance!

The Casio Privia PX3 Digital Stage Piano’s internal tone banks has a wide variety of instrument sounds, even those that require highly realistic pianos and electric pianos that are often used in live performances. Casio made sure that this latest piece comes with a complete range of instrument sounds needed from a professional stage piano – it has 16 piano sounds, 20 electric piano sounds, 18 organ sounds, 8 clavinet and vibraphone sounds, and another 20 strings and ensemble pads.

You can edit this professional stage piano’s internal tones using the synthesizer function, which includes attack and release time, filtering, as well as the vibrato. Further customization can be done by applying the keyboard split and layer functions, which allows you to have total control of four zones of sounds all at the same time, all of which you can assign to four different internal tones as well as to an external MIDI instruments through the four designated MIDI channels.

The Casio Privia PX3 Digital Stage Piano offers all these features and more for a very affordable price. And with its modern and sleek design, what more could you possible ask for? No other digital piano could be better. So go and get the Casio Privia PX3 Digital Stage Piano today!

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